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Preschool Martial Arts Classes | Blackhawk TaeKwonDo

It’s More Than Self-Defense. It’s a Way of Life.

In our Carpentersville preschool martial arts classes, we don’t just help kids get fitter, safer, and stronger. We help them build life-changing skills to excel in school and at home.

Focus. Confidence. Respect. Discipline. Goal setting. And more. Every Carpentersville preschool martial arts class enriches your child’s life.

Boost Your Child’s Motor Skills. And Get Them Socializing.

For preschoolers, we focus on exercises that boost motor skills. Your child will gain coordination, balance, speed, and strength, at an early age. This sets them up for a lifetime of athletic success. 

Plus: our community of preschool martial arts class Carpentersville has a tight knit family of residents. Kids form bonds, parents make friends with each other. It’s a great time.

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Preschool Martial Arts Classes | Blackhawk TaeKwonDo

Action-Packed Carpentersville Preschool Martial Arts Classes Build Discipline & Focus. For Life.

While self-defense is so important, it’s only the beginning. The discipline your child builds will help them get their homework done. The focus will help them pay more attention in class. The respect will get them helping more around the house (when they’re of age). 

Our Carpentersville preschool martial arts program builds a foundation for success. And it lasts for life.

Focus games, listening games, attention exercises and more are designed to boost eye contact, listening skills, and attention span.

Get 2-Weeks of Unlimited Preschool Martial Arts Classes in Carpentersville... For Free ($99 Value) New Members ONLY!

Plus, your child will gain…


Our Carpentersville preschool martial arts classes help kids learn how to listen better, respect themselves and others, and grow more consideration for others. Kids learn to listen better, leading to more help around the house, and paying better attention to their parents.


Our Carpentersville martial arts program builds laser-like focus. Through setting goals, advancing ranks, training, practicing, kids increase their attention span. This helps them achieve more in school too.


As your child increases their strength, makes friends, and masters challenging Carpentersville preschool martial arts techniques– they’ll see how strong and capable they truly are. Even shy kids gain the confidence to open up.


In our Carpentersville preschool martial arts training, your child will practice and work hard to advance ranks, master techniques, and even care for their uniform. This builds discipline. They learn the value of hard work, and the rewards you get from it.

Social Skills

Our preschool martial arts instructors create a welcome environment. Kids from all over Carpentersville feel at home, letting them open up, and make friends with kids who are positive influences and role models.


At Blackhawk TaeKwonDo in Carpentersville, we are focused on uniting kids and parents. We support each other, cheer each other on, and help each other grow. Our tight knit community will welcome you openly. We can’t wait.

Mentorship & Guidance

Our instructors care. A lot. They’ll help your child dig deep to find the strength and courage to tackle all of their goals and discover their strength. Martial arts has provided guidance for millions of kids over thousands of years. Let’s help your child too.


At Blackhawk TaeKwonDo, every preschool martial arts class is packed with action, fun, and games. We keep kids smiling and laughing. That’s how we disguise all of the learning and character building! Kids just know they’re having fun. But as a parent, you’ll see all these traits developing in real time.

Grow Your Child’s Confidence & Focus With Martial Arts

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What can your Carpentersville kids martial arts program help with?

"I signed both of my kids for the wonderful program about a year ago. Best decision I have made in my life!!"
"'re not just a student, you're family! Master Iannone encourages, inspires, promotes a healthy & positive mind and body, and teaches all the importance of setting goals, not just in the dojang but in life."
"Blackhawk TaeKwonDo brings out the good in my son! I strongly recommend This place."
"Master Iannone works with every student to improve - meeting them where they're at and helping them move forward in their life in a positive way!"
"Thank you for all that you do in helping our children become healthier in body, mind and soul."

It's the will. Not the skill.

Build Self-Discipline

Your starting fitness and skill levels don’t matter – as long as you put in the effort in every class, you’ll see results.

Gain Confidence

When you step out of your comfort zone in our classes, you allow space for unshakable confidence to grow.

Improve Focus

Mindfulness practices don’t go away when you step off the mat. The skills you gain in class flow into everything you do.

Preschool Martial Arts Classes | Blackhawk TaeKwonDo

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our children's martial arts program in Carpentersville

Our Carpentersville preschool martial arts training builds humility, confidence, and respect in Carpentersville’s children. These traits turn kids into the opposite of bullies. They become leaders.

That’s completely up to you. If you need some time to yourself to relax – go get a coffee or a bite to eat. Parents deserve all the time off you can get. If you’d like to stay and observe you are more than welcome to as well. 

When your child first arrives at Blackhawk TaeKwonDo of Carpentersville – all they need are some comfy athletic clothes and a water bottle. We’ve got the rest covered.

They might be nervous about their first Carpentersville preschool martial arts studio. That’s perfectly normal! As soon as they see how kind and welcome the instructors and other kids are – that nervousness will turn into excitement . 

Absolutely. While there is no ‘cure’ for ADD or ADHD, it can be managed. Our Carpentersville preschool martial arts classes help kids develop the tools they need to maintain focus & concentration. Through following Carpentersville preschool martial arts techniques instructors, drilling, and mastering moves, kids develop tools to stay focused and on track.

Absolutely. Our community of parents often become friends. We’re sure you’ll meet some other great moms and dads and bond over your child’s martial arts journey. Feel welcome to sit in one of our chairs and watch as long as you’d like. 

But please don’t feel pressured to stay if you need to take off. Many parents use our class time as a chance to get coffee, relax, get beauty treatments, etc. It’s completely up to you!

For kids who are not natural athletes – team sports can be devastating on self-esteem. These kids often feel like they are ‘letting the team down’ because they can’t keep up as well. 

But in martial arts – kids are in a group environment, but every child is on their own unique journey. They can go at their own pace. Some kids advance faster, others slower. That’s okay. 

What’s important is that your child is having fun, challenging themselves, making friends, and growing stronger inside and out.

The coordination, strength, and speed comes with time – even in kids who are not ‘natural athletes’!

Yes! In fact, preschool martial arts training in Carpentersville might be the best solution to this problem. That’s because martial arts are challenging both physically and mentally. This keeps kids engaged and focused. Plus, every Carpentersville preschool martial arts class is full of fun, fitness-boosting games where kids are learning focus, confidence, and respect without even realizing it. 

We disguise learning as fun – and keep your child laughing and smiling. They won’t miss their games for a moment.

If you’re looking at adult martial arts classes in Carpentersville you’ve likely come across Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and more. Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai focus on striking (punches, kicks, knees, and elbows). Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses on grappling (wrestling with locks and grabs). It’s important to know how to both strike and grapple for the best self-defense.

Getting started is easy! Click here to scroll up, and fill out the form to grab our current amazing web special. It’s completely risk-free. Try us out and see why Carpentersville can’t stop raving about our preschool martial arts classes.

Get 2-Weeks of Unlimited Preschool Martial Arts Classes in Carpentersville... For Free ($99 Value) New Members ONLY!

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