Martial Arts Summer Camp

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If you’re looking for the best martial arts summer camp in Elgin, you’ve come to the right place!

Parents all over the Elgin area (and South Elgin, Gilberts, Huntley, and Carpentsville areas too!) are singing the praises of the character development kids receive at our amazing martial arts summer camp!

Finally, a truly VALUABLE way to make sure the kids continue learning over the summer and have a positive, inspiring experience every day.


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Look at what students and parents are saying!

The perfect family activity
“Finding Family Martial Arts has been an incredible gift for me and my daughter. Being able to train together, practice together, compete together, is an opportunity we haven’t found anywhere else. It’s a perfect family activity!”
A. Ba

For single moms
“Being a single mom can be very hard. Martial Arts provides support and helps us stay together. A family that kicks together, sticks together!”
T. Perez

Enjoy spending time together
“Since we’ve been working out as a family in Martial Arts, I’ve noticed that my health and happiness have improved tremendously. My children’s confidence has improved, and as a family we enjoy it and enjoy spending time together.”
J. Herrin

Improved grades
“Since I put my son into Martial Arts, he’s learned self-discipline and respect; his grades have gotten a lot better, and he’s become stronger and more mature young man. Martial Arts is the best investment I’ve ever made for my son!”
C. McCutchan

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3-6

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Martial Arts for Kids Ages 7-15


Martial Arts for Families All Ages

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Martial Arts for Adults 16+

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Martial Arts Summer Camp


After School Program